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5 Unique Retreats for Epic Your Self-Care Getaway

Eventually, we all just need a vacation. If you’re in need of a self-care getaway, consider taking some time off work to enjoy a city or region you’ve always wanted to visit. Depending on your preferred self-care style, you might decide to book a luxury resort in a city, rent a nice condo on the beach, or seclude yourself in a cabin in the woods. A self-care getaway means something different to each of us! While it’s important to listen to your own needs about the type of retreat that you prefer, sometimes a suggestion will motivate us into taking that much needed break. Beyond the Crowds is here to share some great getaway ideas to inspire your next respite!

Prepare to Take Time Off

a person that needs a self-care getaway

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To start with, it’s important to make the decision to disconnect from work when embarking on a self-care vacation. If you really need some R&R, then you’ll need to plan ahead to clear your schedule and possibly work some extra hours to get anything crucial done before you go. If you’re a business owner, begin notifying your clients well in advance of your absence. This will enable you to leave your laptop at home and keep your phone on silent during your trip. You’ll also want to inform your customers that you’ll be unavailable, or consider hiring a virtual assistant to manage tasks while you’re away.

Remember that this is your chance to take a break, and you need it and deserve it. With that said, here are five of our favorite self-care destinations around the world!

Long Island, NY

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Long Island has a lot to offer vacation goers. Whether you’re looking for glamorous beaches, picturesque vineyards, or quaint streets with window shopping opportunities, Long Island has it all. Boston Magazine describes Long Island as the ultimate summer getaway, especially for those who live in the surrounding states. You’ll find no shortage of incredible waterfront dining options and outdoor adventure opportunities.

You might just want to look into buying a vacation home on Long Island to indulge in all the fantastic attractions and experiences the area has to offer.

Tofino, Canada

Photo via Unsplash

If your idea of a self-care getaway is walking through a misty rainforest in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, consider a visit to Tofino, Canada. Tofino is a small town with a lot to offer tourists, from the nearby Pacific Rim National Park to the endless expanse of sandy beaches. Go there to surf with the locals, storm-watch from an oceanside cabin, or enjoy fresh seafood on a sunny summer day. You’ll find countless local artisans, cozy cafes, and wellness studios. Plus, gazing out at the untamed ocean will set your heart to rest.

Edinburgh, Scotland

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Edinburgh is another fantastic destination for the laid-back adventurer. Walking around Scotland’s capital is like walking through a slice of history. On your self-care getaway, you can meander through the city’s endless winding streets for days, taking in breathtaking architecture at every turn. There’s so much to do and see, from Holyrood Park to Edinburgh Castle.

And when you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, hop on a train and explore the Scottish countryside, like the near-by seaside town of Portobello. Engaging with the wild landscapes of Scotland is bound to elicit a sense of awe and calm.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Photo via Unsplash

Looking for something a little warmer? Head to Chiang Mai in Thailand! While many people go on vacation to Bangkok, the hectic capital city is far from relaxing. Choose Chiang Mai if you’re looking for a calmer adventure. Chiang Mai is nestled in the mountains of northern Thailand, boasting all the vibrance and beauty of the country without the stress of big city life.

Will Fly for Food lists several things to do in Chiang Mai, including exploring temples and national parks, taking cooking classes, and signing up for wellness retreats. And if you’re a foodie, Chaing Mai’s countless food stalls will delight your taste buds and satisfy your soul.

Bali, Indonesia

Photo via Unsplash

Bali is another exotic destination known as a source of wellness inspiration. Many people travel to Bali for relaxing retreats and healing classes. If you feel comfortable traveling alone, a solo trip to Bali is the ultimate self-care getaway. Plus, it’s incredibly affordable! No place does self-care on a budget quite like this Indonesian province. Head out on a temple crawl, soak in a flower bath, or sleep under the stars in a bubble hotel. You’re sure to arrive home feeling relaxed and refreshed!

In conclusion, if you feel like you could use a break from the pressures of daily life, this is your sign to book that self-care trip! Make preparations so you can leave your work behind, start evaluating your destination options, and consider buying a vacation home so you can visit more frequently. You deserve this!

By Tyler Evans edited by Kathie Snyders

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