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Getting Around Glasgow

Updated: 2 days ago

From Glasgow Airport to Glasgow City Center (about 1/2 hour) by bus possibly longer by taxi because of the bus lanes

For 2 or more people, a taxi is the easiest and the cost will be reasonable per person. Follow the signs to Taxi and there will be a queue. (See this blog for more detail about arriving in Glasgow.) You can just line up and you will be given the next taxi that can fit 2 or more. It is all very orderly.

For one person, I would recommend taking the First Glasgow Airport Bus (bus #500). It is £7.50 one way, and I think it was £12 “return” (which means round trip). First Glasgow Bus

Arriving in Glasgow at Queen Street Station

When you get off the train at Glasgow at Queen Street Station, look for the Buchanan Street exit.

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