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Packing (in a backpack) for a 6 week trip to Europe – video included

Updated: May 13

In April, 2019, I headed off to Europe for 6 weeks. (It started as a long weekend, but I kept saying “As long as I’m over there…” and more destinations kept getting added.) And I have decided I’m going to use a backpack this time. I got a Eurail pass and plan on taking the train as much as possible so I want to be able to get on and off trains easily.

Packing cubes in suitcase
Packing cubes in suitcase

In the past, I have fit everything I need for a 4 week trip in a 22/23″ suitcase, so I’m pretty sure I can get everything in the backpack. I have 2 things (that are small) that I want to take this time that I haven’t taken previously

  1. my swimsuit (there is a sun deck pool on the AmaWaterways river cruise boat – the AmaSonata)

  2. my workout clothes (part of the MPC Gala has a workout day – plus I want to work out at other times – I would NOT take something for just one day)

But in the past I have taken golf clothes and shoes which I will not be taking on this trip.

And I’ve even considered leaving my jeans at home! (Is that crazy talk?) But my motto is: If it doesn’t fit, it does not go!

Here is a little video I put together about using the backpack vs the suitcase.

And here’s a follow up blog about using packing cubes to get everything in the backpack.

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