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Top 10 Reasons Adults Love Disney Cruises

Updated: 2 days ago

1) Good for ‘Me’ and ‘We’ Time

Disney Cruise Line has obviously focused on building an exciting and engaging experience for children, but the experience is great for adults as well!

When I went on my first Disney Cruise, I was worried that it would be like walking into an ant hill of kids (and I was wearing a sling while recovering from a fractured arm). I was very pleasantly surprised by the noticeable lack of unruly kids.

Empty Deck with adults playing on electronics

Adults have a more relaxing time on a Disney Cruise because most of the children are occupied by Disney’s extensive Kids Clubs!

Disney Cruise Line has Kids Clubs for all ages:

  1. It’s a Small World Nursery (Infants 6 months-3 yrs) 

  2. Oceaneer Club (ages 3-12) 

  3. Oceaneer Lab (ages 3-12) 

  4. Edge (ages 11-14) 

  5. Vibe (ages 14-17)

Taking up almost an entire deck and offering different activities for all age groups, Disney Cruise Line entices kids to hang out at a place of their own. This leaves you free to have that special time just for you or for you and your loving partner.

The adults only Quiet Cove Pool (not crowded!).

Adult-only Activities and Dining Experiences include:

  1. Senses Spa & Salon which delivers the ultimate in pampering and relaxation

  2. Adult only fine dining at Palo, a northern Italian-themed restaurant

  3. Elegant French dining experience of Remy (aboard the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy)

  4. Cocktails (including beverage tasting seminars), entertainment and dancing at a variety of nightclubs and lounges

  5. State-of-the-art fitness center including workout equipment, exercise and toning classes


Palo Dining Room

The Cadillac Lounge

2) A Relaxing Vacation – Not like the Theme Parks!!

Who hasn’t heard “What am I going to do next? I’m going to Disney World!” Of course, Disneyland and Walt Disney World theme parks are the absolute #1 dream of many children and adults. But there are some nice differences between a Disney Cruise and the theme parks. Disney Cruise ships are not as crowded as the theme parks and there is not the frantic running from one ride to the next. There are fun activities to enjoy on the ships like water slides, pools, and aqua play areas but there are relatively no lines for these activities. And parents can sit in the shade enjoying a frozen drink while the kids splash to their content.

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And unlike the theme parks, where you must purchase meals (or a dining plan), all family meals on a Disney Cruise are included in the price of the cruise. (The adult-only fine dining is an extra cost.) Of course, there is the free ice cream, buffets, pizza and bistros, but the real treat is the Disney exclusive “rotational dining”. These are the three themed dining venues on each ship that you will rotate through along with your servers and tablemates.

For example, Animator’s Palate is available on all 4 ships where you’ll join Sorcerer Mickey and enjoy an innovative dinner show celebrating the art of storytelling where Disney characters come to life before your eyes. It is fantastically fun!

And complimentary room service is available 24 hours a day, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Another difference between the theme parks and a Disney Cruise is character availability. It seems everyone loves to get a picture with the Disney Characters, but at a theme park that can be a quick autograph and picture before the character moves away. On Disney cruise ships, there are designated Character Experiences: Photo Ops that require reservations, opportunities to meet Ana and Elsa of Frozen, see Marvel’s mightiest during Marvel Day at Sea Cruises, feel the Force of meeting Star Wars characters on Star Wars Day at Sea cruises, Princess Gatherings, Royal Court Royal Tea, and Character Breakfasts.

Then daily during the cruise, there is a schedule of Character Appearances. So, the characters are standing in one location and you line up to get your picture taken with them. And although there are some appearances in the pool areas, most of the locations are inside the ship where there is air conditioning. The lines for these are not extremely long and it is actually fun to watch the other families getting their pictures taken because it is just so CUTE! Disney Characters have fun with the children making different poses and seem to enjoy it as much as the kids.

Cute Story: One time there were two girls, one was a baby a year or so old and an older sister of 4 or 5. The older sister sat on the floor so she’d be the same height as the younger one. But the one year old sat down too and they couldn’t get her to stand. She just wanted to be like her older sister. So, then Donald plunked himself down between them and the parents got the cutest picture ever.

3) Safe – Disney Cruise Line has a different atmosphere than other cruise lines

It’s Mickey & Minny <3, Donald, Goofy and Chip and Dale. It’s not buckets of beer and bachelorette parties. Parents often want to introduce new experiences to their children, but obviously want to keep them safe at the same time. A Disney Cruise is a great opportunity for you to let your children explore independently, but remain safe while they do so.

I saw teenagers hanging out on landings or riding the elevators together, parents sitting at tables while the kids were in the pools or going to get ice cream, and parents alone (together) at the lounge or bar while their children were safely playing in a kids clubs. Kids ages 3-12, when they check in at the Oceaneers Club or Lab, receive Disney Cruise Line Youth Activities wristband which has a GPS locator that allows the counselors to locate them in the vast play area when their parents come to collect them.

Adults are not allowed to just wander into the kid’s area and there are hand washing stations as you enter so they’re trying to keep the germs out of the play area as well.

I even met a mature, single lady who said she loves Disney Cruise Line because she feels safe.

4) Carve Out a Piece of Paradise at Castaway Cay

Disney has its own private island! Castaway Cay can be found on Disney Cruise Line’s Bahamian and Caribbean cruises and is ONLY available for use by Disney Cruise Line guests. This island was rated number one on Cruise Critic’s 2019 Cruise Line Private Island Destinations. Castaway Cay island is everything you’d imagine a Disney island to be! It has beaches, lagoons, walking trails, water play areas, souvenir shops, and complimentary, open-air BBQ dining. Video Here!

Just like on the ships, Castaway Cay offers age-specific locations. Scuttle’s Cove is an on-island kid’s club for children ages 3-12 years old, Teen Hideout is for teens 14-17 years of age, and Serenity Bay is an adults-only area for adults 18 and up. There are many rental options for exploring the beautiful, turquoise ocean, such as kayaks, paddle boats, paddle-boards and snorkel gear. No matter what your family wants to do – and even if they don’t all want to do the same thing – Castaway Cay has something to offer whole family.

5) FUN!! You Can Get in Touch with your ‘Inner Child’

A Disney Cruise offers the chance to enjoy some of the best parts of being a kid right along with your own children! Parents can let loose and be entertained and remember what it was like for them as a child.

6) Quality Family Time

Is your life full of stress and chaos? With so many tasks that parents need to constantly juggle, it can be hard to carve out some quality time with your children. A Disney Cruise is the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy your time with your family! From the moment you step on-board (as they announce your family name welcoming you) and you gaze out the portholes filled with the excitement of finally being on the ship, your cares of everyday life will melt away.

Finally on the Disney Wonder!!

This is the beginning of your journey of togetherness. You will watch your children’s faces light up as they wait to see Mickey and share their excitement as they bounce with joy and anticipation. At dinner, you will clap & wave along with them as the characters parade right by your table smiling and waving.

And if you don’t have children, that’s ok you’ll build bonds with your travel companions as you have your moments of becoming kids again. (I went with a group of other travel agents that I didn’t know before the Disney cruise, but we became friends on the cruise and stayed friends afterwards. )

7) Relax and Unwind

While there are many fun activities to do on a Disney Cruise, there are also many opportunities to relax and shake off city life.

Adults at Silent Disco

Hammock on the Beach

Kids at Disco

No shoes, No shirt, No Problem!

Fun at Evening Dining

8) Create Lasting Memories

We all know that time seems to fly by as our children grow. The memories you create on a Disney Cruise are sure to last a lifetime.

From your fun-filled time together on excursions (playing on a beach or swimming with dolphins), to the fun filled days at sea and exciting excursions, culminating with Disney-only events like Pirate Night, your family will return home with memories to cherish for a lifetime!

9) Experience Different Cultures

Where ever your cruise takes you, there will be an opportunity to experience local cultures. If one of your stops is Cozumel, then you can paint a souvenir that is exclusive to Disney cruise line! Discover Mexico Tours Cozumel hosts an Alebrije Workshop where you can paint your own alebrije figure. Disney Cruise Line customers have access to an exclusive selection, though, including some figurines from Disney Pixar’s “Coco!” Your kids will love the opportunity to paint characters they know and will be experiencing a different culture while they do.

10) 3 in 1 Vacation – Video here

Get the magic of Disney, the relaxation of a cruise, and the enjoyment of the cruise destination (Caribbean/Europe/Alaska…), all in one package!

What’s included in a Disney Cruise? Click here.

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