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Electrical Adapters

The UK and EU have different electrical plugs so you will need an adapter at least (and probably not a convertor). Here is a good write up about it from Rick Steves.

For the UK and Ireland, you will need an adapter with 3 big prongs.

For the EU, you will need an adapter with 2 round prongs.

I take a several of the single use ones pictured above and I also have one of these multipurpose adapters, but it buzzes when it is plugged in and the first one that I bought didn’t work when we got to Europe.

I use it mostly for the USB port. If you really want to buy a universal adapter, here is a site that has a comparison of many of them:

NOTE: The TV in your room may have a USB port that you can use for charging.

For information about hair dryers and straighteners and curling irons, see this post.

And if you’re interested in another tour and appreciate getting all of this helpful information, here are details on our 2024 Outlander Tours of Scotland.

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