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Go Small

People are always asking me how I manage to pack light. It’s a good idea to buy or use small bottles for all of your supplies like toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, foundation. Guys, same goes for you. You should be looking for travel or sample sizes of deodorant, shaving supplies, etc. It makes packing easier plus the sinks in Europe and the UK are small. They are usually pedestal sinks with not much room to put your supplies. In the picture above – my husband brought a full size tube of tooth paste. As you can see, it takes up almost the entire side of the sink. And if you forget your shampoo and leave the small container in the shower, it’s not a big loss.

I use small bottles for shampoo, conditioner and face wash and a travel size toothpaste. The two containers in the middle are hair gel and the one to the front right is lotion and the back right is a container of pills (like ibuprofen and Benadryl).

And below is my makeup case. It’s not much longer than a tube of mascara. Plus I have this tiny bottle that I put my foundation in.

For information on the mini hair dryer that we take to Europe with us, see this post.

I also have a separate blog on packing light using packing cubes.

And if you’re interested in another tour and appreciate getting all of this helpful information, here are details on our 2024 Outlander Tours of Scotland.

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