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Why Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance can cover medical, dental, trip cancellation, trip interruption, medical transportation and more. It is not just for flight delays or lost luggage. One of the main reasons to have Travel Insurance is for health reasons: yours, your traveling companions, your parents, your kids…

To get a travel insurance quote please fill out this form: Travel Insurance Form

When do you need Travel Insurance?

If you are traveling in the US, then your regular health insurance should cover you for medical needs, but you would still need travel insurance in case you have to cancel your trip or there was a medical emergency and you needed to cut your trip short.

You might be asking, “Do I need travel insurance if I’m leaving the country? Won’t my regular health insurance cover me?” And the answer is basically “No.”

“Most regular health insurance plans provide partial or no coverage while you are traveling in another country. For Medicare, there is never coverage abroad. Countries with ‘universal health care’ might assist with minor needs, but they are under no obligation to do so. In the event of major or ongoing medical expenses, they would cease to help, and they would never pay to evacuate you or help you return home.” (according to

And I recommend getting insurance from an insurance supplier instead of from an airline, cruise, tour company or credit card. Why? Because travel insurance suppliers are in business to provide insurance. And if you search on travel insurance issues, you’ll see most of the complaints come from people who bought it from an airline, cruise, tour company or credit card – because they’re in the business to provide flights, cruises, tours & credit. Travel Insurance companies exist to provide a you with highly needed travel insurance.

To get a travel insurance quote: Insurance Quote Form

Old van on road.  Do I need travel Insurance?

What could go wrong?

Depending on the type of insurance purchased, the following travel related concerns may be covered:

Travel Insurance covers health issues

  1. Even if you’re healthy, you could get a sinus infection like my husband did in France or pink eye & a sore throat like I did in Edinburgh.  The travel insurance companies have 24 hour assistance and will refer you to a doctor or medical facility.  Travel insurance can even cover dental injury or infection, such as a lost filling, or a broken tooth that requires treatment while you are on your trip.

  2. In some countries like Japan (see link), medical facilities are turning away foreign patients who don’t have health insurance in a travel protection plan.

Travel Insurance covers trip cancellation or interruption

  1. If you can’t go on a trip or you have to return early for a covered reason, then you can get reimbursed.

  2. If your traveling companion can’t go on the trip for a covered reason, then you should be covered also.

  3. If your mom or dad (or one of your children) has a medical emergency before you leave or while you’re on your trip and you have to cancel or cut your trip short, then travel insurance is designed to cover the cost of that portion of the trip (that is insured) that you didn’t get to take.

Travel Insurance provides Emergency Medical Transportation including Repatriation of Remains

  1. Medical Transportation can include transporting you to the nearest hospital, getting you home after you receive care, bringing a friend or relative to you, and getting minors or dependents home.

  2. Speaking of your family back home, who is going to handle the details if something happens to you and you can’t make the decisions? My husband and I were almost T-Boned in Ireland (I can still see it in my mind – we were in Kenmare) and ever since then we’ve always carried travel insurance.

Travel Insurance also covers baggage loss or delay

  1. Since I always have travel insurance, I don’t worry about my luggage not arriving to my destination when I do. I take pictures of what is in my luggage before I leave home, and if my luggage gets lost, then I just have an excuse to go shopping.

Let me help you find the right plan before you head out the door. Here is a simple way to contact me to let me know you want information on travel insurance: Insurance Quote Form

When to purchase Travel Insurance?

Many people ask me how soon they need to purchase travel insurance. The best time to purchase trip insurance is within 14-21 days of your first deposit, then any pre-existing medical conditions (for you or your parents or children) have a better chance of being covered under a normal policy.  You may also be able to purchase a more expensive policy to cover pre-existing medical conditions if you wait more than 14 days.

Travel Guard requires you to purchase travel insurance prior to your final payment.  Allianz allows you to purchase travel insurance until the day before you leave.  But if you have to cancel your trip prior to purchasing travel insurance, then you lose any payments you have made.

What does Travel Insurance Cover?

As Allianz says, “Whether you’re planning a solo adventure or a grand, multi-generational getaway, the whole point is to relax and enjoy the journey. Travel insurance can ease your anxiety because you know you have protection in case of common travel mishaps. Not only that, but you know you’re never alone. No matter how far from home you go, help is a free hotline call away.”

The amounts of coverage depend on 1) how much your trip costs, 2) your age, 3) how long prior to your trip you purchase it, and 4) how much you want to spend for the insurance. A typical plan* for a $5000 trip will cover something like the following:

*If you’re pregnant or have a pre-existing medical condition, ensure you check whether your condition is covered. You may need to add extra cover or opt for a special insurance policy that will cater to your specific needs.

How much does travel insurance cost? Typically 4-10% of the trip cost. You do not need to insure costs that are refundable or that you will pay when you arrive.

Do you still have questions? You can set up a time to chat to discuss if you need travel insurance and if so what kind to get.

Or fill out the Travel Insurance Form and I’ll get back to you asap.

* Photo of van on road by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

* Cover photo of man with suitcase by Mantas Hesthaven on Unsplash

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