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A Message of Hope – Dream Now

Stay Safe. Dream Now. Travel Later.

Hi, I created a video for you all and I hope you enjoy watching it. I had fun making it.

Hi I’m Kathie with A Happy Place Travel and today I’m bringing you a message of hope.  As a professional Travel Advisor, I understand that traveling forms bonds with the places that you visit.  Today we’re strengthening those bonds, by staying at home and choosing safety over travel to protect the world that we love and the people that we long to visit. Travel agents have helped thousands of people get home and when this is all over, we’ll help thousands more travel again. So to all of you globe trotters, and Outlander Fans, and Golfers, and loyal cruisers and resort pool loungers, and island hoppers, and museum goers, and culture seekers, and nature lovers and to all of you travel enthusiasts Stay Safe. Dream Now. Travel Later.

Because when this is all over, we’re going to enjoy a great vacation!

p.s. watch the video to see what I found in my Neuschwanstein music box.

What’s Behind Me?

In case you’re wondering, on the wall behind me is a map of Ireland, a map of Outlander sites (thank you Jess!) and a map of Scotland. Then on the top of the cabinet are more Outlander paraphernalia – a stand-up Jamie that I took with me around Scotland one time (what’s that called when you take pictures with that in them?), then a post card of Jamie (from Inverness Tours guide Laura) “WANTED Kilted or Nakkid” and a cling picture of some of the Outlander crew from Season 2 in Paris.

Need Help Dreaming?

Here is a picture to help you dream now of where you might want to vacation in the future.

Dream Now about sitting in a hammock at a beach

Hammock on the Beach

What’s going on in the travel world?

I’m a travel agent and I think we’ll be traveling in the not to distant future. I’m on conference calls with a lot of travel suppliers. AmaWaterways River Cruising is starting in September, Disney Cruise Line has only cancelled their cruises through July, and Sandals & Beaches are opening back up the first week in June. All of this, of course, with new precautions and cleaning procedures. (More on this in a future blog.)

Take care and be safe! (And feel free to comment below!)

p.s. Beyond the Crowds is a division of A Happy Place Travel LLC.

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