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Conscious Metamorphosis: From Fear to Positive Thoughts

Let’s have a Conscious Metamorphosis from fear to positive thoughts. Tomorrow, I am going to take one day away from the Coronavirus. Because of my job as a travel agency owner and travel advisor, I feel it is important for me to be well informed. But it has taken over my life. I realized today that I’m walking around with my jaw clenched. I need a break. Do you?

I’m going to consciously make an effort to put worry in the background and start figuring out how I can start being positive now.

This is a great tweet: “#WhenThisIsAllOver we need to have a global party and establish a global holiday that praises healthcare workers and all the other workers (IT, medical scientists, truckers, delivery drivers, etc.) who kept society running.”

Why wait? What can we be doing now to help the people who are helping us get through this?

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